Why did my trial license expire immediately?

This happens when the licensing system detects that multiple trial licenses have been requested, perhaps using different email addresses. It can also happen if you used someone else’s trial or permanent license key for any tool at any time. As a friendly reminder, you agreed to some terms and conditions, such as:

  • Licenses are valid only for the original user and are not transferrable.
  • You will not divulge nor share your trial nor permanent license key(s) with anyone, realizing that this would violate this license agreement and deprive the creator(s) of this software of fair compensation for their hard work. Your license key(s) are issued to you, and may be used only by you and no one else.
  • You will not attempt to defeat, bypass, nor otherwise circumvent the licensing and registration system built into this software and/or this web site. This includes but is not limited to:
    • reverse engineering the license code system,
    • forging or creating software to forge license keys for yourself or others,
    • extending or attempting to extend the free trial license period beyond the time granted by the licensing system, and/or
    • hacking this web site and/or the software.

The RC Astro team works very hard to bring high-quality, effective tools to the astrophotography community. Please respect these terms so that we can spend our time on making more and better tools, not on other things.

The trial period provides a generous amount of time during which you can evaluate the usefulness of a tool. Once this time is up, should you find the tool worthwhile, please purchase a permanent license to continue using it.

You may submit a support ticket to address any concerns. Your account will be carefully reviewed. If an error has been made, it will be addressed promptly.