RC Astro Software License Agreement

By requesting a trial license for, purchasing a permanent license for, downloading, installing, and/or using this Software, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. For the purposes of this agreement, “Software” refers to any and all RC Astro software products downloaded, tested, used, stored or transmitted by you.
  2. All sales are final.
    • The Software is provided as-is, with no warranty, express or implied.
    • The trial period is provided free of charge to allow you to evaluate the Software and its suitability for your purposes.
    • Purchasing a permanent license to the Software constitutes your agreement that you find it suitable and are willing to exchange fair compensation for the right to use it.
  3. The Software and all of its components and underlying algorithms, including any neural network(s) and associated trained weights, are protected by international copyright and trade secret laws. All rights other than those explicitly stated in this agreement are reserved.
  4. You may activate the same permanent license key for the Software on up to three computers provided that you are the only user of the Software on all three. Trial licenses may be activated on up to two computers. For the purposes of this agreement, “computer” means a physical computer or a virtual machine.
  5. The Software is licensed for personal or workplace use. You will not use the Software to provide a service for processing images for others, nor allow a third party to provide such service using your installation of the Software, whether online, by file transfer, or by any other means.
  6. Licenses are valid only for the original user. The rights granted to you under this agreement are non-exclusive and non-transferrable.
  7. You will not attempt, nor allow third parties to attempt, to reverse engineer, disassemble, re-use, re-create, nor create derivative works of the Software, its algorithms, any neural network(s), nor any neural network’s trained weights. You will not use, nor allow any third party to use, the results produced by the Software to directly or indirectly create, train, test, or otherwise improve any machine learning or other algorithm that mimics or performs any function substantially similar to any function performed by the Software. Permitted uses are limited strictly to the processing of astronomical photographs as end results in themselves, for personal or workplace purposes, using the Software in its provided form.
  8. “Permanent license” means the following: when you install and activate the Software on a particular machine, running particular compatible versions of hardware, an operating system and a host application (PixInsight, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, etc.), that specific installation of that version of the Software will continue to be functional, and the license will continue to be honored, indefinitely. Every effort will be made to keep newer versions of the Software compatible with newer versions of supported hardware, operating systems, and host applications, and reasonable effort will be made to keep the Software backward-compatible with earlier versions of hardware, operating systems, and host applications. It is not generally possible nor practical, however, to achieve the latter in all cases and/or for all time. If you have a working installation of the Software and are considering updating to a newer version of the Software, the operating system, the host application, and/or hardware, it is your responsibility to check the System Requirements listed for each product to determine compatibility. It is likewise your responsibility to retain backups of working installations so that reverting to a working configuration is possible. RC Astro will not in general provide access to older versions of the Software for the sake of backward compatibility. RC Astro will not provide refunds in cases where an update to the Software, the operating system, the host application, and/or the hardware caused the Software to become non-functional.
  9. You will not divulge nor share your trial nor permanent license key(s) with anyone, realizing that this would violate this license agreement and deprive the creator(s) of this Software of fair compensation for their hard work. Your license key(s) are issued to you, and may be used only by you and no one else.
  10. You will not attempt to defeat, bypass, nor otherwise circumvent the licensing and registration system built into this Software and/or this web site. This includes but is not limited to:
    • reverse engineering the license code system,
    • forging or creating software to forge license keys for yourself or others,
    • extending or attempting to extend the free trial license period beyond the time granted by the licensing system, and/or
    • hacking this web site and/or the Software.
  11. You agree to the collection of certain information used by the Software’s licensing system, such as email address, IP address, browser cookies, etc., that identifies the user(s) and computer(s) which are using the Software license. This information is employed for the sole purpose of regulating the use of the Software according to the terms of this license agreement, and is not used for any other purpose nor shared with any third parties. You have the right to request deletion of this information, though this will result in revocation of all associated Software licenses without refund.
  12. Violation or abuse of any of the terms of this license agreement shall be grounds for immediate revocation of any and all Software licenses without refund, in addition to further legal action.
  13. This agreement will be construed by and governed in accordance with the laws of the United States, and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States should any claim be brought in relation to this agreement.
  14. If any part of this license agreement is found to be unenforceable according to applicable law, this finding shall have no effect on the remaining parts of this license agreement.

Proceeding with a request of a trial license or purchase of a permanent license shall constitute acknowledgement of and agreement to the above terms.

Portions of this product may be based on software from the PixInsight project, developed by Pleiades Astrophoto and its contributors. These portions are subject to the PixInsight Class Library License.

Portions of this product may be based on the libcurl library. These portions are subject to the curl/libcurl copyright notice.