BlurXTerminator 1.1.16 beta

Update: BlurXTerminator 1.1.16 has been released

The beta repository ( is no longer available. Please use the standard PixInsight installation instructions to update to version 1.1.16.

A beta-test version of BlurXTerminator, version 1.1.16, is now available for testing. The primary change in this version is a correction that eliminates minor clipping in shadow regions on some deep-sky images, and a major clipping issue that frequently occurred on lunar, planetary, and solar images. It requires PixInsight 1.8.9-1.

There are a few other minor changes:

  • Improved tiling algorithm to better handle the edges of images
  • Internal numerical precision increased to 64-bit floating point
  • Fixed a Windows-specific issue that caused a ghost border around the minimized process window
  • Corrected a MacOS-specific issue that caused license information to need to be frequently re-entered

If you are interested in testing this beta release, simply change the BlurXTerminator repository entry in PixInsight to the following:

Keep in mind that this is a beta release: there may be some instances of worse performance in some cases. If you find an issue, feel free to submit a support ticket letting us know.

Also bear in mind that there may be some “churn” as new beta versions are released to this test repository. Additionally, once the beta test period is complete and an official release is made, this test repository will go away, and you willl need to change your PixInsight repository entry back to the original address.

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