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PixInsight Installation

Instructions for installing BlurXTerminator in PixInsight:

  • You must have PixInsight 1.8.8-9 or later. Upgrade as needed.
  • In PixInsight, go to Resources -> Updates -> Manage Repositories.
  • Click Add, and enter the following (use copy & paste to avoid typos):
  • Click OK, then OK again.
  • Now go to Resources -> Updates -> Check for Updates. You should be informed that there are two updates: one for the BlurXTerminator module, and one for the AI neural network. Click Apply to start the download.
  • Once downloading is complete, click OK and then quit PixInsight to launch the update system. This is just like any other PixInsight update. When prompted to install the updates, click Yes.
  • When PixInsight restarts, you should find BlurXTerminator under Process -> Deconvolution. Launch it and click the “wrench” icon to enter your license key. Once that is done, click the “Select AI” button and choose the latest AI file from PixInsight's library folder.
  • Occasionally plug-in modules like BlurXTerminator will be removed by third-party anti-virus, anti-malware, or other software. If anything goes wrong with the above procedure, or if BlurXTerminator seems to install and work fine but then stops or disappears from the Process menu, please do the following:
    • First, try simply re-installing the BlurXTerminator module: run Process -> Modules -> Install Modules. Click Search. If a module is found to install, click OK, then Install. If this doesn't work then:
    • Delete the "updates.xri" file from PixInsight's main application directory
    • Re-start PixInsight
    • This will force a fresh download/installation of all updates to your PixInsight installation, including BlurXTerminator