RC Astro tools disappeared from PixInsight or won’t update

Occasionally, PixInsight plug-in modules will be removed by third-party anti-virus, anti-malware, or other software. If your RC Astro tools seemed to install and work fine but then stop or disappear from the Process menu, or if you are not receiving updates to the latest versions of tools, do the following:

  • First, try simply re-installing the tools:
    • Run Process -> Modules -> Install Modules
    • Click Search
    • If modules are found to install, click OK, then Install
  • If this doesn’t work then:
    • For PixInsight 1.8.9-2 or later:
      • In PixInsight, run Resources -> Updates -> Reset Updates. Click the “Yes” button in the “Are you sure?” window.
      • Quit PixInsight. The update system will reset updates as requested, and then restart PixInsight automatically, and report that the update process (resetting the updates) was successful. Click the “OK” button in this window.
      • After a moments, PixInsight should report that you have a number of updates to install. Click that window. In the “Select and Download Updates” window that results, click the “Apply” button.
      • Once the downloads are complete, click the “OK” button, then quit PixInsight to install the updates.
    • For PixInsight 1.8.9-1:
      • Delete the “updates.xri” file from PixInsight’s main application directory
      • Re-start PixInsight
      • This will force a fresh download/installation of all updates to your PixInsight installation, including any RC Astro tools

In rare cases, the PixInsight installation itself can become corrupted. If none of the above works, you may need to re-install PixInsight from scratch. Contact support if you want to troubleshoot further before taking this step.