Are there any package or bundle deals or prices? How do discounts work?

Currently there are no “packages” or “bundles” as such, but discounts are automatically applied as follows. Please note that this discount system may change at any time without notice.

Once you own a permanent license to any RC Astro tool, licenses for any other tools can be purchased at a discount. Currently this discount is $10 off the full price of each tool. This discount will apply whether you purchase multiple licenses at the same time or at different times as long as your license(s) are all associated with the same RC Astro account (email address).

If you previously purchased licenses using a different email address, submit a support ticket letting us know you would like to merge your accounts. Be sure to let us know in the support ticket what those other email address(es) are. You may be required to send an email from the other address(es) for verification.