BlurXTerminator 2.0/AI4 error in PixInsight: MLLoad() could not load tensorflow graph

An error such as the following can occur when running BlurXTerminator version 2.0 with AI4:

*** Error: ERROR: MLLoad() could not load tensorflow graph. Error 3: Converting GraphDef to Graph has failed.

This error indicates that the tensorflow.dll file in PixInsight’s installation on your computer is out of date. There are two solutions:

  • Update or re-install PixInsight, which includes a recent version of the tensorflow.dll file in its distribution.
  • Download version 2.10 of the file directly:
    • If you are using GPU acceleration, use the link provided in these instructions.
    • If you are not using GPU acceleration, download the file from the TensorFlow project using this link.
      • Unzip the download, find the tensorflow.dll file within, and place this in PixInsight’s bin directory (C:\Program Files\PixInsight\bin), overwriting the outdated version that is there.