BlurXTerminator AI3-beta2 Released

BlurXTerminator AI3-beta2 has been released. This is a beta test release of the neural network definition for BlurXTerminator that expands the range of optical aberrations to include additional coma and astigmatism profiles.

Please note that this is a beta release that may not perform well on all images. In some cases, performance may be worse than AI2 or AI1. A known issue is that it does not handle very dense star fields particularly well. Development work continues on AI3 – future releases will address these and other issues.

To test this beta release, add the following to your repository list in PixInsight:

Then either restart PixInsight or run Resources -> Updates -> Check for Updates. Once the AI3-beta2 file is downloaded and PixInsight has been restarted, open the BlurXTerminator window and click the Select AI button to choose the new AI file.

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