BlurXTerminator 1.1.16 Released

BlurXTerminator version 1.1.16 has been released. The primary change in this version is a correction that eliminates minor clipping in shadow regions on some deep-sky images, and a major clipping issue that frequently occurred on lunar, planetary, and solar images. It requires PixInsight 1.8.9-1, and is ready for the upcoming 1.8.9-2 release.

There are a few other minor changes:

  • Improved tiling algorithm to better handle the edges of images
  • Internal numerical precision increased to 64-bit floating point
  • Fixed a Windows-specific issue that caused a ghost border around the minimized process window
  • Corrected a MacOS-specific issue that caused license information to need to be frequently re-entered

You should be prompted to update to this version automatically by PixInsight. If this doesn’t happen, review the PixInsight installation instructions and make sure you’re set up to receive updates.

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