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The Sculptor Galaxy

About This Photograph

Also known as NGC 253 and the Silver Dollar Galaxy, this spiral galaxy is about 11 million light years away in the constellation of Sculptor. It Is a "starburst" galaxy, meaning that it is currently rapidly forming new stars. The telltale magenta ionized hydrogen nebulas dotting the spiral arms and the copious numbers of young, hot blue stars give evidence that this is occurring, but it may be slowing down. In a self-limiting process, the rapid star formation gives rise to an interstellar "wind" that drives gas needed for further star formation out of the galaxy. This can be seen in this photograph as dark reddish tendrils of gas floating above the plane of the galaxy.


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Technical Details

Optics:PlaneWave 14" f/7.2 CDK
Mount:Software Bisque Paramount ME II
Filters:Chroma RGB, H⍺
Dates/Times:14 Aug - 17 Dec 2021
Location:RC-Astro South Observatory at ObsTech Observatorio El Sauce (Chile)
Exposure Details:RGB = 11:12.75:11.5 hours, H⍺ = 9 hours (44.25 hours total)
Acquisition:MaxImDL, ACP Expert
Processing:PixInsight, Photoshop