Russell Croman Astrophotography  



The Eagle Nebula
in Elemental Colors


Technical Details

Optics:20" f/8 RCOS Ritchey-Chr├ętien Cassegrain
Camera:SBIG STL-11000M, AstroDon MOAG-A
Mount:Software Bisque Paramount ME
Filters:Custom Scientific 5nm [SII], H-alpha, [OIII]
Dates/Times:June-September 2008
Location:Dimension Point Observatory, Mayhill, New Mexico
Exposure Details:[SII]:Ha:[OIII] = 240:240:180 minutes, two-frame mosaic
Acquisition:MaxIm DL/CCD 4, TheSky6, CCDAutoPilot3
Processing:CCDStack, MaxIm DL/CCD 4, Photoshop CS3


Publication Data for this Photograph

Date Publication Type
2020-00-00 A. Hahn, Basic Calculus of Planetary Orbits and Interplanetary Flight,
p. 150