Russell Croman Astrophotography  



Spiral Galaxy NGC 4565

About This Photograph

This spiral galaxy is oriented nearly edge-on, tilted only about four degrees as seen from our vantage point. This affords us a wonderful view of the copious amounts of dust within its disk, seen in silhouette as the mottled dark lane that seems to slice the galaxy into two thin halves.

Another classic feature of spiral galaxies displayed beautifully by NGC 4565 is the bulge of stars near the center of the disk. Central bulges typically contain ancent, yellow stars dating back to the formation of the galaxy.

Proceeding deeper toward the center of the galaxy, we are also able to see the nucleus of NGC 4565 directly, just peeking out from the center of the disk and appearing as a bright star-like point. If it were not for our favorable viewing angle, NGC 4565 might appear very similar to NGC 891, another wonderful example of a nearly edge-on spiral galaxy, but in which the nucleus is completely obscured by the dust lanes.


Technical Details

Optics:20" f/8 RCOS Ritchey-Chr├ętien Cassegrain w/ RCOS Field Corrector
Camera:SBIG STL-11000M, FLI CFW-7
Mount:Software Bisque Paramount ME
Filters:SBIG Standard LRGB
Dates/Times:19 April - 1 May 2006
Location:Dimension Point Observatory, Mayhill, New Mexico
Exposure Details:LRGB = 210:150:60:90 minutes.
Acquisition:MaxIm DL/CCD 4, TheSky6, CCDAutoPilot3
Processing:CCDStack, Photoshop CS2, GradientXTerminator