Russell Croman Astrophotography  



The Beehive Cluster (M44)


Technical Details

Optics:TeleVue NP-101.
Camera:SBIG STL-11000M.
Mount:Astro-Physics 1200GTO.
Filters:SBIG RGB.
Dates/Times:25 January 2004.
Location:my backyard observatory in Austin, Texas.
Exposure Details:RGB = 45:45:45 minutes.
Processing:Two asteroids appear in this image as small colored trails. The first is near the top of the frame, just to the left of center, and is most likely asteroid 208 Lacrimosa, visual magnitude 12.8. The second is below the first, just above center, and is most likely 14th magnitude 537 Pauly. Many thanks to Glenn Ray for researching and identifying these objects.


Publication Data for this Photograph

Date Publication Type
2005-03-00 Night Sky,
p. 31