Russell Croman Astrophotography  



The Andromeda Galaxy


Technical Details

Optics:TeleVue NP-101.
Camera:SBIG ST-10XME + CFW-8.
Mount:Piggy-backed on a 10" LX200GPS.
Filters:SBIG Standard LRGB.
Dates/Times:5 November 2002.
Location:my backyard observatory in Austin, Texas.
Exposure Details:LRGB = 120:20:20:40 minutes.
Processing:MaxImDL (align, combine), Photoshop (levels, curves, etc.).


Publication Data for this Photograph

Date Publication Type
2004-11-00 SmartMoney,
p. 133
2004-05-28 Portal do Astronomo,
Image of the Day
Web Site
2003-05-12 TIME,
p. 60