Russell Croman Astrophotography  



Mountains in the Mist

About This Photograph

This is a close-up of the Pelican Nebula. Soaring high overhead on summer nights in the constellation of Cygnus, this area brims over with light from energized gas. Copious ultraviolet radiation from nearby young stars causes the gas to glow in characteristic colors. In front of this luminous backdrop, dense clouds of gas and dust are silhouetted, giving rise to the intriguing dark pillars and globules.

For a dramatic black & white version of the above photo, click here.

Click here for an exciting view of the same region in emission-line colors.


Technical Details

Optics:20" f/8 RCOS Ritchey-Chrétien Cassegrain
Mount:Software Bisque Paramount ME.
Camera:SBIG STL-11000M.
Filters:SBIG Standard LRGB.
Dates/Times:3, 8 August 2005.
Location:Dimension Point Observatory, Mayhill, New Mexico.
Exposure Details:LRGB = 270:120:60:120 minutes.
Acquisition:MaxIm DL/CCD 4, TheSky6, CCDAutoPilot2.
Processing:MaxIm DL/CCD 4, Photoshop CS2.


Publication Data for this Photograph

Date Publication Type
2006-12-27 NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day Web Site