Russell Croman Astrophotography  



Dimension Point Astronomical Observatory


The observatory has been operating almost exclusively remotely since January 2005.

Click here to see the real-time environmental monitors in the observatory.

7 January 2005

First "production" image!
29 December 2004

First light!
29 December 2004

Another view (Brian Lula's observatory in the background).
29 December 2004

The scope and mount are installed!
6 December 2004

Dome assembly!
29 October 2004

Gettin' pretty close!
19 October 2004

Framing the floor,
building the pier.
(photo courtesy Mike Pittman)
mid October 2004

Pouring the footings.
(photo courtesy Randy Brewer)
9 October 2004

Pouring the footings.
29 September 2004

Setting the forms.
(photo courtesy Mike Pittman)
15 Sep 2004

Compacting the soil.
(photo courtesy Andy Saulietis)
11 Sep 2004

Deeper and deeper we go...
(photos courtesy Mike PIttman)

10 Sep 2004

And the ground has been broken!
(photo courtesy Andy Saulietis)
16 August 2004

The Plan.
(engineering by Mike Pittman,
drafting by Chuck Swoveland)

28 July 2004

The Concept.

The Location: Star's End Estates, Mayhill, New Mexico.