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System Requirements

  32-Bit Windows 64-Bit Windows 64-Bit Macintosh
Operating System XP SP2 and later
Mountain Lion (10.8) or later
Photoshop 5.5 or later CS4 or later CS5 or later
Photoshop Elements 5.0 or later

If you have questions on how to use StarShrink, please first be sure you have checked out the tutorial. Please also see the following lists of known issues and planned improvements:


Known Issues

  • Currently only works on 16-bit images (greyscale and RGB)
    • If the StarShrink menu is greyed out, this is probably the reason

Planned Improvements

  • Support for 8- and 32-bit images
  • Zoom-able preview window

To be notified when new versions are released, you may subscribe to the StarShrink Support mailing list.

If you still need help or would like to report a bug, make a comment, or submit a suggestion for improving StarShrink, please fill out the form below to send a message.

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