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27 June 2022 update:

Version 1.1.0 of the PixInsight version has been released. This version improves the handling of linear (unstretched) images to properly maintain color on unbalanced images, and it eliminates a subtle background level shift that could happen on some images.

Known issues and workarounds:

Note for users of alternate image stretching methods (e.g., arcsinh):

Versions 1 and 2 of the NoiseXTerminator AI have a known issue. With Detail settings higher than zero, distortion of some very high pixel values may be observed, particularly in and near the cores of bright stars. Normally this is not visible with a screen stretch applied, nor after a standard Histogram Transformation stretch, since these pixels become saturated or nearly so. Alternate stretching methods, however, can make this visible as sporadic, oddly-colored pixels.

A future version of the AI will address this, but for now there are two easy workarounds: keep the Detail setting at zero for linear images, or apply NoiseXTerminator after stretching. Internally, NoiseXTerminator always works on stretched data anyway, so the latter solution is recommended. (If you prefer to apply NoiseXTerminator on linear images and keep the Detail setting at zero, you can always run it again after stretching with a non-zero Detail setting.)

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