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How to Install GradientXTerminator or StarShrink Plug-Ins

These instructions were written for a Windows PC, but installing Photoshop plug-ins on a Mac is very similar.

  1. Download the compressed plug-in using the link in the email you received

    Usually this will end up in your Downloads directory or similar.

  2. Decompress (extract) the plug-in

    Right-click on the ZIP file to extract the contents...

  3. Locate Photoshop's Plug-ins/Filters directory

    Make sure you locate the directory that corresponds to your version of GradientXTerminator.

    64-bit versions go in the "Adobe Photoshop CSx (64-Bit)" directory.

  4. Move the plug-in file to Photoshop's filters directory

  5. Start Photoshop

    Re-start it if it was already open.
  6. Open any image

    Any image in 16-bit RGB format will do.

  7. Invoke the plug-in

    The plug-in should now appear in Photoshop's Filter menu...

  8. Enter your registration information

    It's best to use copy & paste from the email message to avoid errors. When both the email address and key are entered correctly, the Purchase button will change to OK. Any typos or extra spaces will prevent this.

  9. Filter the image

    Clicking OK to filter the image will save the registration information in Photoshop's memory so you won't have to enter it again. (If you didn't want to actually filter the image, you can use Photoshop's undo function.)